Welcome To The Great Awakening (TGA) - The Great Awakening

Welcome To The Great Awakening (TGA)

Welcome To TGA, The Great Awakening. TGA is a non-profit project founded to support individuals just like you on their journey towards 5D.

We are energetically connected to Mother Earth. As Gaia enters a new phase, her vibration is rising and so does ours. The energies are so powerful now, that everything not of love or above is being pushed to the surface for healing. This is the right time to seek knowledge of truth, deeper understanding of the world around us, as well as within us. Our project aims to support our community to achieve this.



Entering 5D requires higher energy vibrations for all of us. Our vibrations are automatically kept at a low level while we are unknowingly living in the lack of knowing the truth about our environment and ourselves. Consider learning the truth and automatically raise your vibration from within is 1 of 3 important steps to take towards 5D Earth. FIND OUT MORE



Inspiration is one of the best tools supporting you on your journey towards 5D. It’s a natural process that affects you at a subconscious level. Videos by aQtime (a17time) are created to set your mindset and motivation to “moving mountains” during your journey towards 5D. FIND OUT MORE



LevelUp 5D is a FREE Online Program, that is designed to set your mindset and energy to meet 5D. The free “LevelUp 5D” Program focuses on raising your vibration and decalcifying your pineal gland.  The online aspect of the program allows you to access the information anytime, anywhere. 2021 is going to be the best year ever!

Join our community vibing at 5D. Online programs by TGA are easy to understand, uncomplicated and don´t require any formal qualifications. FIND OUT MORE

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